Sumak Pump is one of the leaders of water pump manufacturers in Turkey. All of the multistage pumps produced are TSE certificated.

Horizontal multistage pumps with soft seal can be produced with mechanical seal optionally. Horizontal and vertical multistage pumps are produced with GG25 Casting but also can be produced with stainless and bronze materials according to the application areas.
Multistage pumps are produced with the options of 1450 and 2900 rpm motors. These types of pumps are used in industries, hospitals, buildings, hotels, public houses, petrol stations, holiday villages, shopping malls, social plants, fire systems, steam boilers, requirements of pressured water and such more application areas. The products designed can be produced appropriate to use in hot water applications up to 120°C.

By clicking the link of photo, you can reach the technical specifications of multistage pumps to find the suitable product according to the application areas. Turkey manufacturer of staged water pump.

Horizontal Shaft Multi Stage Pumps 2900 rpm

We are able to manufacture the impellers of our 2900 RPM horizontal stage products that we have m...


Horizontal Shaft Multi Stage Pumps 1450 rpm

We can manufacture the impellers of our 1450 RPM horizontal stage products, which we have manufac...


Vertical Stage Pumps

The vertical stage pumps we have manufactured are 1450 RPM with 0.75 - 45 KW and 2900 RPM with 0....


Complete Stainless Vertical Multi Stage Pumps

Regarding to produce local multistage stainless water pump in Turkey targeted project, requested ...


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