Sumak Pump is one of the leader booster sets and multi satge pumps manufacturers in Turkey. All of the booster sets manufactured in the range of 1 - 75 HP motor power are TSE certificated.

All the components such as PPO(NORYL) impeller diffuser and INOX (AISI 304) impeller diffuser systems, electrical control panels and electrical motors etc. are manufactured in our own company.
All booster sets are designed for suitable from 1 floor 1 apartment to 30 floors 480 apartments. All products are tested at all the steps of production processes and prepared for the shipment.
All booster sets have housing and SHTP and SMINOX12 series have completely stainless surfaces that contact with water and made from INOX (AISI 304) material. Among the Turkish manufacturers, only we have completely stainless manufacturing so that our this type of products work silently and long lasting. The products can be produced appropriate to use in hot water applications up to 120 °C.

The startups of the packed booster sets are performed by our technical services in 81 cities.

Package Booster Sets


Double Stage Suction Booster Sets


Stainless Booster Sets


Vertical Shaft Multi Stage Booster Sets


Vertical Shaft Multistage Boosters With Digital Panel

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Frequency Controlled Vertical Shaft Stage Booster Sets

New generation booster systems, this type of booster sets, which have the principle of working ac...



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