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Our quality policy


Our quality management system covers the continuous improvement of all business processes with the participation of all our employees in order to achieve excellent business results.


As  Sumak Water Pump Manufacturing Company ;

  • To improve the quality by developing the values that we have at every point with continuous improvement and R & D studies in accordance with the quality management system conditions,
  • Meeting the customer needs in time and as expected.
  • Constantly keeping up the on highest stage of customer satisfaction. and customer relationship management
  • To being pioneer between the rivalry being by preffered and appreciated by customers and employees with pioneer and innovative approach.
  • Providing constantly customer satisfaction and qualified service policy inside the trust frame, respect and honesty.
  • Producing eco-friendly and ecologocial products by conformity of water and energy regulations.
  • To ensure the employees work in a safe environment by complying with the health and safety rules.
  • Sociological contribution to the society by ethic values and improving the working conditions with allowing individual development of employees  .
  • To be respected companies and preferred brands in the domestic and international market,
  • To contribute to the national economy by creating added value in micro and macro scale