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We have started to serial production of Drainage & Septic Submersible Pumps with Elevator Float Switch

Our elevator float switch products designed with the models;  stainless body drainage submersible pumps SDF6A, drainage submersible pumps SDF13, dirty water submersible pumps SDF18/2Y-A, Septic Submersible pumps SDF14/2-A SDF18/2-A, SBRM18/2P-A  in order to reduce to float switch problems in minumum liquid level where the pump running area is narrow.
While minimum 80*80cm well  distance for running is needed  because of cable lenght of the liquid level float switch, elevator models can reduce to the well distance  until 45*45cm. Especially  when the elevator holes have thin diameter problems, our evelator float switch models provides active advantage.