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We Continue to Expand Our Pump Range with 1450 R.P.M. Septic Submersible Pump…

Casting body 1450 RPM submersible pumps that is in serial production now can be used in discharging of treatment systems, muddy waters inside canals and holes, rain and flood waters,  high flow ornamental pools, allocation units and industrial facilities up to 16 meter height to 30mm solids and fibrous particles. Also suitable for continuous duty, designed with 4” outlet, 10 meters cable, automatic float switch and control panel.


SDTB50/4 4 KW 5.5 HP & SDTB75/4 5.5 KW 7.5 HP products which is already in our stocks has designed Suitable for continuous Operation with Solid particles that can be discharged without clogging by large high flow and low pressure impeller design also can be used in City wastewater treatment plants, tunnels, mines and quarries.


3 phase (L1 – L2 – L3)  energy can be also followed from control panelş. The electric motors used on the septic submersible pumps are highly efficient and thermistor protected.