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Sumak Pump, Product Range Stainless Body 2 "Output Added the Clean Water Submersible Pump.

Stainless steel body, single-phase, self-paneled, float, electricity does not require installation, suitable for portable carry, easy to install, clean water by submersible pump manufacturing company, our series SDF8 / 3 (1.8 HP) as presented to our customersWe give thanks to standard electrical panel mounted on the pump in case of pump jam or within blokoj panel reset button opens the combustion of the pump motor is prevented. Electric motors we use in clean water submersible pumps are highly efficient and extremely thermally protected against overload.
Stainless steel body, which started mass production of clean water submersible pumps, our 45 mt in height as clean water supplythe domestic water demandthe supply of water from the caisson wells, ornamental pools, as suitable for use in amateur lawn irrigation sprinkler 2 "outlet, 3-stage, 20 m cable, automatic float It was designed as a paneled.