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Pool Pumps Added the product range

Our pool pump 1.5 HP, 2HP, 3HP as the Monophase and three phase options, SMH150, SMHT150, SMH200, SMHT200, SMH300 presented to our customers with SMHT300 models.
Self-priming, 4 liters of water, mono block, transceiver body filter, suction and discharge nozzles with coupling (2 "Ø 63mm) pump is manufactured in AISI 304 stainless steel shaft.The maximum height of 22 m of water capable of pressing the filter cover is designed to be transparent in order to see the waste. Fitri record and suction mouth and removing the key is presented to our customers on the pump.

Pool circulation pump; is one of the most important equipment which determines the efficiency of the swimming pool. A spa is suitable for use in aboveground swimming pool or have a superior design features built-in types.