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Our Cooling Jacket Drainage Submersible Pumps Production Has Started Especially Convenient To Use At Mine Sector…

Our serial production has started for new STV30/2 ZY, SDTV40/2ZY, SDTV30/2.5 Z and SDTV40/2.5Z which we were started the production.

This type of submersible pumps cooling jacket, stainless body, three phase (380v) with 10m cable and control panel, available to send the liquid up to 29m especially mining, mine working, mine, quarries, quarry mines, concrete plant, colliery, colliery mine, copper quarry, copper mine quarry, alluminium quarry, a marble quarry, marble mine quarry, sand quarry, sand mine quarry, gravel mine quarry, granit quarry, granit mine quarry, construction exvacation places, drainage pits at building sites, industry, evacuation of solid and fibrous ingredients included waste water at time of flood and natural disaster in infrastructure facility sectors and also produced as a bilge pump in shipping sector.

Due to having cooling jacket pump motor cooling helps to use motor efficient, easy to carrying, portable and suitable for practical use especially designed drainage submersible pump for mine sector.