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Dual Stage 2 "Output Centrifugal Pumps our product range.

Dual-stage, 2 "inlet and 2" outlet, which can suction from 6 meters, mechanical seals, easy to install centrifugal pumps, as a single-phase or three-phase alternating SMK220 / 2 (2.2 HP) - SMK300 / 2 (3 HP) - SMKT550 / 2 (5.5 HP) and SMKT750 / 2 (7.5 HP) has taken the production model and has offered to its clients.

Electric motors we use in our pump models and highly efficient single-phase thermal protection against overload is available. Optionally also in 120 ° C hot water applications may be produced can be used.
We started the mass production that can suck up to a maximum of 6 meters and 68 meters high, agricultural keel, drip, sprinkler-type sprinkler irrigation is used in high-pressure water flow and pressure requirements of the system.