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Casting body, 4”output, septic submersible pumps were included in our product range.

Casting body septic pumps that was included in the series production has maksimum 35 meter altitude, suitable to discharge in channels, slurry waters, rain and flood areas,ponds, towns, industriel areas and suitable to discharge for the solid and fibrous particulates  up to 30mm and designed with 4”output,10meter cables,automatic float switch and control panels

Due to pump’s control panel has mounted to pump, thermic into plays  and protect the motor from damages,combustion,phase mistakes and thirsty works when pump is stucked or blockade. Also You can follow 3 phase energy supply(L1-L2-L3) on control panel. Electric motors that we used in submersible pumps have high efficiency and have termal protection against the overloads.

Stainless body, Vortex(open) and Closed impeller alternative, three phase control panel, does not need for electric set up, suitable for portable carrying, easy set up, septic submersible pumps SDTK75/4 (7,5HP), SDTK100/4 – SDTV100/4 (10HP) and SDTK150/4 (15HP) has to be started to production for our customer service.