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Cast Iron Body, Vortex Wheel, 2 inch and 3 inch Output Standing Submersible Pump Our Septic is added to our product range.

The cast body started to mass production, Vortex (open) impeller, three-phase paneled We electricity that does not require installation of Sewage submersible pumps, up to a maximum height of 20 metersin the channels and cavities, in the septic tank, which accumulates in sewage pit of water, the evacuation of rain and flood watershigh flow decorative pools , suitable for use in the residential and industrial facilities, 2 "and 3" outlet, 10 meters of cable, which is designed as an automatic float SDTV30 / 2 - SDTV40 / 3 pumps are made available to our customers.

Thanks electrical panel on which we have given standard mounted pump, in case the pump jam or blockage of the pump motor with the introduction of the thermal cabinet is burningdry running of the phase error or pump is blocked. Also on board (L1-L2-L3) is protected electric motors can provide high efficiency and energy monitoring thermistor.