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Cast Iron Body, Shredder Blade, 2 ”Output, Panel Septic Tank Submersible Pumps at your service.

Cast iron body, Vortex (Open) impeller, shredder knife, three-phase panel, no electrical installation required, portable portable, easy to install, septic tank submersible pumps have been mass production; SBRT20 / 2-P (2.2 HP), SBRT30 / 2-P (3 HP), SBRT40 / 2-P (4 HP), SBRT50 / 2-P (5.5 HP) and SBRT75 / 2-P ( 7.5 HP) models are available to our customers. Thanks to the electrical panel that we have provided on the pump, it is prevented from burning of the pump motor, phase failure and operation of the pump without water in case the pump is stuck or blocked. In addition, 3 phase (L1 - L2 - L3) energy monitoring can be provided on the panel. The electric motors used on our septic tank submersible pumps are highly efficient and thermistor protected.


Our series septic tank submersible pumps with shredder blades are used in industry, hotels, construction sector and residential sewage systems, treatment plants, septic tank pits. It is designed as a 2 mt outlet, 10 m cable, paneled, suitable for discharging smooth and non-solid particles in the water by means of a maximum cutting capacity of 28 meters and a shredding knife.