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2 "Outlet Monophase Float Cutters with Stainless Body Blade and Shredder Blade

Stainless body, Vortex (Open) impeller, knife and shredder knife, single-phase, self-panel, float, electrical installation is not necessary, portable, easy to install, easy to install, septic tank submersible pumps have been mass production of our company SBRM15 - 2 (1.5 HP), SBRM18 - 2 (1.8 HP) and SBRM 18 - 2-P (1.8 HP) for the service of our customers. Our SBRM15 - 2 and SBRM18 - 2 models have knives and our SBRM18 - 2-P model has a shredder blade. Our stainless steel septic tank submersible pumps, which started mass production, are easily used in industry, hotels, construction sector and residential sewage systems and treatment plants thanks to their stainless bodies. It has been designed as a 2 ”outlet, 10 mt cable, automatic float switch and panel suitable for discharging smoothly by removing the fibrous and not very solid particles in the water by means of a knife in their structure up to a maximum height of 11 meters.